Home Security Systems

Many security companies force you to buy security system packages. So you either spend too much and get security products you don’t need. Or you buy a smaller package that leaves your home’s security weak points exposed.

But Buckeye Security & Investigations, LLC wants you to have a custom security system that fits your home’s security needs like a glove. To do that, we’ll ask you these important questions when building your system:

• What security features are most important to you?
• Are you more concerned about protection when you are home or away?
• What areas of your home do you feel are most vulnerable?
• If you would break into your own home, how would you do it?
• What do you want most from your security company?

Burglary, fire & medical monitoring starting at only $15.95/month! 

Security products will sound an alarm when someone breaks into your home. But someone needs to call for help. That's where alarm monitoring comes in.

Burgular Alarm Products

• Keypads
• Motion Detectors
• Video Cameras
• Glassbreak Sensors
• Remote Controls

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Products

• Fire & Smoke Detectors
• CO Detectors

Medical Alert Systems

• Medical Alert Systems