Private Investigation

Buckeye Security & Investigations, LLC’s clients include corporations, insurance companies, government agencies, law firms, as well as individuals. Our professional, private investigators understand the importance of gathering detailed, accurate evidence necessary for our clients to make informed decisions. Buckeye Security & Investigations, LLC is up-to-date in the standards and best-practices in the investigative industry.

We support our clients with:
• Process Serving
• GPS Tracking
• Surveillance
• Workman’s Comp
• Corporate Fraud Investigations
• Divorce
• Child Custody
• Retail Theft
• Employee background investigations
• Insurance Fraud
• Civil Investigations
• Stalking
• Other special needs

The experience our clients demand Buckeye Security & Investigations, LLC helps our clients solve problems by providing them with critical information to make informed decisions, avoid risks and capitalize on opportunities. Our knowledge and experience allows us to act as the single-source for all of your investigative needs. As a superior private investigative agency, we address the needs of our clients through professionalism, reliability, experience, and hard work. We utilize the latest and most high-tech equipment available and we provide detailed reports of each investigation we conduct in a timely fashion.